The Biggest Moments From London Collections

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These contemporary creativity is not just fashion-they are considered to be leaders. Through technology, social media and fearless sense of freedom, they are helping to redefine the very parameters of men’s applications and its large role in the fashion industry. Typical examples of JW Anderson, from 2014 United Kingdom menswear designer of the year fashion award, and cropped jacket, women body chrome hearts jewelry online and satin nightwear by gay dating application Grindr gender bending collection lives on LCM’s opening day.

“We reached 7 million [Grindr users] at the same time,” Anderson told the guardian. “Fashion in speed should be. Media drive, so we have to keep pace with the times ”

In addition to its famous descendant, LCM has grown to reflect itself in the city-a place in history, culture and geographical centre of the world. Shameless from Africa highlights in the 1970 of the 20th century-style weiershibangnajielimi·sikete of the United States of pop culture consumption design of Moschino, which is United Kingdom and international Rotary Eddy current, perfectly reflecting everyday life in the capital.

Lupita·niyongao sets the path to 2014 annual Golden Globe Awards held here in a red Ralph Lauren clothes draped shawl. Gwyneth Paltrow in a Tom Ford as white with white at the Oscars since as early as 2012 trends to increase strongly, said Eric Wilson, fashion News Director of InStyle magazine.

On Sunday, no one can do like Jane Fonda chrome hearts jewelry online.

“This is a cloak of alapooza,” Wilson laughed. “I don’t know what you want, but it is incredible. ”

In particular, the Fonda wearing Yves Saint Laurent couture is rigid sequined fold-up top, through the shoulder long sleeve dress. The capelet, opened with a high, loose neck, is made up of a slim skirt made her slender figure and fair balance.

Other cloaks the details including Jennifer Lopez in the yellow-green of Giambattista Valli.

Sarah Dan, Senior Vice President of sales as chrome hearts jewelry online, cloak of love all the effects, particularly flattering silhouette for a different size, her website.

“This is a trend is down, we saw last spring. Cape that covers the arms and not overbearing, and given the movement back, “she said.

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