One-way singer’s strange decision to go shopping instead of bonds

chrome hearts clothing
Briana Gran Mariana case wrote a letter on Instagram to Louis encouraged him to be part of his child’s life.

She writes: “the freedom to mix themselves with Ukraine, the love, I want to be like U. in other words, if you let him. He will look at all the u. ”

Fans start wondering where the baby will be called chrome hearts clothing.

Louis band member Harry styles, liyamu·peien and nier·huolan are not open to congratulate him.

But the label boss Simon Cowell, 56, has acknowledged that he will be the baby’s Godfather, if he was asked.

Yesterday, Sun exclusive disclosure 1D-star ex-husband at her side had saved his son in a Los Angeles hospital, Louis.

Unclear why Louis wandering into a Sunglass Hut stores several hours later, his ex-fling welcomed his son into the world, but maybe he is looking forward to a night-in the ward wants to hide his tired eyes.

Picked up a pair of pilots after, vocalists or go its own way, refusing to tell photographers, if they wanted to on the newborn’s name has not yet been settled.

Briana must hope that the tone is not her “push chrome hearts clothing”

“Baby Tomlinson ‘ arrival, upset many die-hard fans of the boy band, they claimed the bracelet is evidence that Lewis has been the blood DNA test to prove that he is infact Briana baby father.

In General, for the younger fans of the band, and they have exaggerated online statements and outrageous meme sharing their feelings.

See Louis wearing a bracelet a chunk one direction fans collapsed in the hospital setting.

Many of Briana has been simply filling out her clothes pregnant, had “delivered” nothing more than a buffer.

Quickly scrolling through Tweet Twitter #WelcomeBabyTomlinson the tag revealed flux fans-and happy mood by hate fire.

One disgruntled Directioner blasted: “Oh, finally after a year of pregnancy, chrome hearts clothing finally” gave birth “to a child #WelcomeBabyTomlinson that does not exist.”

After a friend told the Sun, we found Briana Lewis looks forward to pregnancy is a hands-on dad.

They say: “Lewis and Briana has spent a lot of time together, and very close to Lewis really cares about Briana and think she’s going to be a great mother.

“Their friendship has been even stronger.

“Louis is protecting her, ensuring she took it easy … Louis is really excited to be a father. “

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